BomboBar FTW

The desserts at BomboBar are to die for. I ordered their frozen matcha drink, which was amazing. They top it off with a sugary donut, pink whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles. So. Good. I would also definitely go for their S'mores hot chocolate. I believe they switch from cold drinks to hot drinks depending on the weather, so right now the menu advertises its hot drinks. But I think any way you order 'em up, BomboBar drinks are for the win! 


Happy Hour in Rosemont = $3 Margaritas


This picture pretty much speaks for itself! The margaritas were only $3. Although smaller, you could add an extra shot of tequila for only $1.50 and it would come in that cool shark shot glass. 

The environment was amazing with the seating open to the fresh air of the evening. We also ordered chips and dips, bean, queso, and salsa. I also ordered their $2 tacos, two of those. And then, when happy hour ended at 6, we made a decision to try this:


It tasted as amazing as it looked. I don't think I've ever had fried ice cream before. Well, on to the next food adventure!

Holt's Park Ridge Offered Plenty of Menu Options

I went to Holt's in Park Ridge, which offered plenty of craft brews and delicious menu options. I ordered the Beet Salad, but word on the street is that all of their salads are good. Other menu items that stood out were the Salmon BLT and various pizzas. 


I went for dinner, but they also offer delicious brunch options as well. Their extensive drink menu can be viewed here. Bon appetit! 

Another Interesting Exploration...

I ventured to the city again for drinks at a rooftop bar on Michigan Avenue. Cindy's offered spectacular views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. 

Cindy's rooftop

Cindy's rooftop

It was a Wednesday night after work, and there were quite a few people on the balcony. It is a little hard to find a spot with the crowds of people that flock to experience that unreal view of Chicago. 

The drinks were delicious but a little on the pricey side. I ordered the Grey Garden, which used Tito's and emperor's jasmine pearl tea. The description says it "evokes a garden in bloom." The edible orchid definitely makes that true. 

Grey Garden

Grey Garden

To get upstairs, you have to wait in a line that forms outside of the elevator situated in a hotel. If you get there early enough, the line should be manageable, but it will get longer as the night goes on. I noticed that the balcony started to open up a little bit if you stick it out with people coming and going. Definitely a top place to try if you're into rooftop bars with amazing views. 

Trip to Siena Tavern in River North

I took a trip to Siena Tavern in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. I was pleasantly surprised with their ample drink menu, but I was underwhelmed with their list of cocktails, mostly because I have an insatiable sweet tooth. The most appealing drink on the menu, to me, seemed like the Siena White Sangria. 

Siena White Sangria

Siena White Sangria

It was the tastiest drink I think I could've chose. If you have a taste for something on the sweeter side with fruit bites, I would say definitely go for the sangria. They also have a red sangria, too. For my main dish, I ordered the truffle mushroom pizza. It was crossing the threshold from lunch to dinner, but the pizza was a good early dinner. If you are hungry enough, one person can definitely eat a whole pizza. If you're more in the mood for snacking, I would say share and order more if you're still hungry. 

Truffle Mushroom Pizza

Truffle Mushroom Pizza

If you're a mushroom lover, definitely try the truffle mushroom pizza. If not, go for the simple burnt pepperoni, sure to not dissappoint. 

Went to the famous Dairy Star...

With a variety of treats to choose from, such as the funnel cake sundae and the blue raspberry dipped cone, I had a little bit of trouble deciding what to order. I decided to order a vanilla cone dipped in cotton candy flavor. The different soft serve choices they have are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and twist (two of your choice). It was delish. 

Cotton Candy Dipped Cone

Cotton Candy Dipped Cone

I went with friends from work. Two people ordered the brownie sundae, which looked and sounded decadent. My other friend decided to get a pretzel cone dipped in butterscotch. The funnel cake sundae is on my list of items to try as well as the blue raspberry dipped cone. I'll need to come back with an appetite. 

My only complaint was that the ice cream cone dripped down onto my hand. The option to clean my hands off with a hose was always there. I opted out, but had sticky fingers for the night's affairs. The address of this wonderful drive-up establishment is 3472 W Devon Ave, Lincolnwood, IL 60712. It gives you the feeling that you are back a couple of decades ordering ice cream with some friends. It was worth the drive to spend time with friends and eat some ice cream.